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The cannabis industry is progressing and changing more now then ever before. Every year there are new products or new ways to consume, Cannabis can be complex. At BeneBuds, we are here to guide you through your experience so you never feel overwhelmed and always ensure you enjoy the product you choose every single time.

Local Leafs , Local Beliefs! Benebuds is locally owned and operated. We proudly support all small business in our community. We look forward to being involved and giving back to all communities we do business in.

We value quality and reliability in our products; happiness and good vibes so every customer has fun with there experience; knowledge and no judgement so our staff can find the right product for each customer; and sharing is caring so that we can give back to our communities and promote safe consumption.

Support Local and shop in a store who cares about you as a person. Our Staff are educated and passionate about our herbs. We are always ready to guide you on your purchasing decisions so you’ll always leave with more knowledge and happier then when you arrived.