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Edibles on the Way!

Here at BeneBuds we are excited to finally announce our first order of edibles coming in this Wednesday January 15th! Since being legalized on October 17th we have had a ton of people asking for edibles so we are going to break down what delicious cannabis infused treats we have arriving this week. First and foremost if your new to edibles please start low and go slow. Edibles can hit hard even if your a veteran cannabis connoisseur and the last thing we want is for you not to enjoy your treats. You won't notice the effects of edibles for a half hour or longer so please don't make the mistake of having more before you've waited it out.

One thing to note so we don't surprise you is don't be expecting 200mg cookies or 100mg candies. Health Canada has set a max per package to 10mg, this is the initial rollout and we hope the max will change shortly. Several different producers are already fighting that case right now in order to compete with the black market potency. We know that the majority will want more than 10mg but not only that, with individual packaged low dose edibles, there is a lot of excess waste and we apologize in advance.

Anyways for the time being we will have to enjoy these edibles and if you need to have a few more pieces to get your desired effect, so be it. Honestly we are happy to say the prices are quite fair, from what early on flower prices were and how sky high the cost was, for edibles they have started off much better and more competitive with illegal sources.

Take a closer look below at the 11 different edibles we have coming below, we should have these products ready for sale by 5pm on Wednesday January 15. Supply is very limited so if your very eager to try these edibles come quick!

Drift Cookies

First we have Aurora Drift Cookies - A soft baked chocolate brownie flavoured cookie infused with THC. Each convenient pack contains 10 mg of THC split between two evenly dosed cookies. These are the only cookies we have coming right now, the 2 cookies are listed for $12.99. The Cookies are vegan gluten free and nut free as well so for all to enjoy!

drift chillers

Aurora Drift Chillers - When we first heard chillers, we definitely thought was a cold beverage but in fact these are candy mints. Drift Chillers are a 5 pack of hard candy mints, each containing 2mg of THC. These come in both peppermint and spearmint but unfortunately with the lottery ordering system we only received the spearmint at this time. A 5 pack of these will only cost you $8.99. We weren't lying when we said the pricing was very fair, 9 dollars for 10mg.

Drift Chocolate

Aurora Drift Chocolates - We have 2 different chocolate bars from aurora drift series, both of these are sativa chocolates. Each chocolate bar is made to be broken up into 5 pieces that each contain 2mg of THC. The First one is a mouth watering sea salt caramel milk chocolate and the second one is a 64% cocoa dark chocolate. Each chocolate bar will set you back only $8.99 and are ready to savour when you are.

Tweed and Tokyo Smoke Chocolates

Canopy Growth Chocolates - We have 2 different canopy chocolates coming in. We have the Tweed Bakerstreet for Indica, we have sold a ton of bakerstreet pre rolls so we expect this to be popular. The bakerstreet is a peppermint milk chocolate and comes as 4 breakable pieces of 2.5mg THC each. Then for Sativa we have the Tokyo Smoke Go chocolate which is a dark chocolate, this one is 5 breakable pieces of 2mg each. Both of these 10mg chocolate bars are only going for $8.99.

San Rafeal Pineapple chews

San Rafeal Soft Chews - Say aloha to this sneaky little tiki treat. Made from pure high quality cannabinoid extract with almost no cannabis taste, these Pineapple Sativa chews are a perfectly delicious way to create an uplifting cerebral high. This 5 pack of 2mg pineapple soft chews will sell for $8.99.

Chowie Wowie Chocolate

Chowie Wowie Chocolate - Chowie Wowie milk chocolate from High Park Farms is a 10mg THC Chocolate that can be broken equally in half. This is a blend and will only cost $7.99.

Foray Chocolate Square

Foray Chocolates - We have 2 tasty chocolate squares from Foray, Foray is a new brand under Dosecann LD Inc. and are from Prince Edward Island. We have a Salted Caramel chocolate square that is a balanced edible that has 10mg THC and 10mg CBD. We also will have the Vanilla Chai chocolate square but this one only has THC and is 10mg as well. Both of these chocolate squares will be sold at only $7.99.

Foray raspberry vanillla chews

Foray Soft Chews - We will have a 2 pack of raspberry vanilla soft chews from Foray as well. Sugar free natural ingredients. Gelatin and fat free. Formulated with a mild indica sativa blend each individual chew contains 5mg of THC and 2 mg of CBD. This 2 pack will be sold at $6.99.

That will be all for our first shipment of edibles. Every week from here on we expect more and more edibles to come on the market. This is only the beginning of a whole new line-up of cannabis infused treats. Again supplies are very limited, some products we only are receiving 24 units so be sure to check us out ASAP if you have been desperately waiting and anxious to try out edibles. This would be a great time to try out our click and collect on website. As soon as products are received you can reserve online in the "shop" section. Hope to see you soon and enjoy your delicious edibles!


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