• When are you open?
    We are finally fully stocked and now open 7 days a week, 10:00am to 10:00pm.
  • What does BeneBuds mean?
    We were originally Beneficial Buds, regulations in the cannabis act didn’t approve that name, so we just cut it short. Pronounced “Benny Buds”
  • How many stores do you have?
    We are starting with just one location in Sherwood park, we will be expanding very soon to help serve you better.
  • What products will you carry?
    Currently under law we will sell cannabis flowers, tinctures/oil, capsules, pre rolls, and seeds. Edibles, concentrates and beverages to be sold once legalized. We will also have a selection of cannabis accessories to consume your desired product.
  • Will you carry CBD only products?
    Yes, we will carry CBD products with no THC
  • Where can you buy online?
    At BeneBuds, we offer on website you can reserve and pick up in our store. For online delivery to your door, in alberta you can go to www.albertacannabis.org
  • Where is your Cannabis sourced from?
    Our sole wholesaler is the AGLC, all products come from a federally licenced producer in Canada.
  • How much can I buy at once?
    We can legally only sell you what you can carry in public, this being a total 30 grams of dried cannabis or equivalent.
  • Can I grow at home?
    Yes you can grow yourself at home, each province varies in rules but in Alberta you can grow up to 4 plants at once. Any questions about growing, come chat with our educated staff.
  • Will you sell edibles?
    Edibles are still not available for us to purchase, regulations are still need to be finalized. We should have them available in our store around November/December. We look forward to stocking up on delicious cannabis treats!
  • What are cannabinoids?
    There are hundreds of cannabinoids, the 2 mainly focused on for cannabis are THC and CBD. THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol) produces the intoxication europhia while CBD(Cannabidiol) is calming with little to no high.
  • What are Indica and Sativa?
    Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa are cannabis species. Indica is short and bushy, originated from Asia. Sativa is tall and thin, originated in Africa. Indica has been said to be more relaxing and Sativa more energizing, however this day and age most tend to lean on the cannabinoids and terpenes for the general effects. A Hybrid would be a crossbred between the 2 species.
  • What are Terpenes?
    Terpenes are organic compounds found on all plants throughout the natural world. These contribute to the aroma and flavour of different cannabis strains.