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Top Leaf - Strawberry Cream 1x0.5g Pre-Roll Image

Top Leaf - Strawberry Cream 1x0.5g Pre-Roll


Top Leaf - Strawberry Cream 1x0.5g Pre-Rollclose

Top Leaf pre-rolls are meticulously crafted using the same flower as our packaged cannabis -- no shake. We use slow-burning, all-natural rice paper for every Top Leaf joint. Saccharine. Redolent. Symphonic. You could spend a lifetime scouring books for the words to describe Strawberry Cream and still never quite do it justice. Our growers haven't just produced a cultivar that smells of fresh morning berries, they have coaxed these terpenes into the surreal and sublime.

48North - Paris OG 3.5g Dried Flower Image

48North - Paris OG 3.5g Dried Flower


48North - Paris OG 3.5g Dried Flowerclose

Paris OG is an indica-dominant strain with a sweet blend of fruity and citrus flavors.

Spinach - Blueberry 3.5g Dried Flower Image

Spinach - Blueberry 3.5g Dried Flower


Spinach - Blueberry 3.5g Dried Flowerclose

At Spinach, we are not your average greens. We have High Expectations for our Farm to Bowl products, and safety testing is one of the things we take seriously. This frosty, anytime hybrid is known for its sweet blueberry aroma that comes from the strain myrcene, carophyllene and limonene terpene profile. Get Your Greens. Available in multiple pre-rolls and dried flower formats that are perfect for sharing. Cannabis is an agricultural product, and as such, cannabinoid content will vary slightly with each lot.

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Edibles on the Way!

Our first order of edibles is arriving Wednesday January 15! In this blog we are sharing what delicious treats we have coming in only a couple of days.

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