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Redecan - Zktlz 0.45g Vape Cartridge Image

Redecan - Zktlz 0.45g Vape Cartridge


Redecan - Zktlz 0.45g Vape Cartridgeclose

Redecan Zktlz vape cartridges contain a total of 0.45g of distillate, extracted using state-of-the-art CO2 technology, and combined with terpenes. Compatible with 510 batteries; all devices are composed of a proprietary ceramic wick and a borosilicate glass housing. Zktlz has an indica-dominate profile, with tropical fruity flavour. It features beta-caryophyllene (black pepper, cloves), humulene (hops), linalool (lavender), limonene (citrus) and alpha-bisabolol (chamomile). Ensure the metal connection between the cartridge and the battery are in contact with one another for proper function; slightly lifting the metal ring on the underside of the cartridge can ensure proper connection. Devices can be unclogged by carefully inserting a toothpick into the mouthpiece, repeating 2-3 times until unblocked. Packaged in 100 per cent recyclable, 85 per cent post-consumer weight paper, soy ink, starch-based adhesive and polypropylene based plastic. Additional information can be found on www.redecan.ca.

OGEN - Gas Berries #112 3.5g Dried Flower Image

OGEN - Gas Berries #112 3.5g Dried Flower


OGEN - Gas Berries #112 3.5g Dried Flowerclose

Descending from a lineage of Sour Diesel, OG Kush and Blueberry; Gas Berries #112 is a potent, indica-dominant strain. This phenotype was selected and named for its rich berry and gasoline aroma and flavour. Our locally grown, small-batch buds are hand-trimmed to preserve trichomes. We use minimal packaging with a secondary seal to keep your bud fresher longer.

Citizen Stash - Sunset Sherbet 3.5g Dried Flower Image

Citizen Stash - Sunset Sherbet 3.5g Dried Flower


Citizen Stash - Sunset Sherbet 3.5g Dried Flowerclose

Sunset Sherbet is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is a potent cross between the hugely popular Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties strains. This dank bud boasts a high THC. Sunset Sherbet has the aroma of bubble-gum and berries, and it tastes of sherbet with a sweet, earthy aftertaste that intensifies as you exhale. Sunset Sherbet buds have enormous, oversized dense Christmas-tree shaped, minty green nugs covered in long, twisty, fiery orange hairs. These nugs are caked in a thick layer of frosty white trichomes and are sticky with delicious resin.

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Edibles on the Way!

Our first order of edibles is arriving Wednesday January 15! In this blog we are sharing what delicious treats we have coming in only a couple of days.

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